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I am going threw a devorce and am trying real hard to sec to being alone, Note I'm not a perv (yet) or a what u sex with call boy I do perfer younger women ' If i'm going to die it will be with a smile on my face. :) I'm waiting for a lady to come over tonight.

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Three German business students have happened on a novel way to find bedmates. A trio of young men at the University of Mannheim launched a free call boy sex with call boy — with themselves as the call boys, naturally — aimed at young women.

The twist: The service purports to boost its clients' grades and champion feminist values, German news adult escort network Sex with call boy Spiegel linked article in English reported. Called Bib: Love, referring to the German word bibliothek for library, the service promises "good grades through good sex" on its posters around campus — the theory being that an active sex life will lower students' stress and simplify studying.

Founders Oskar, Christopher and Julius, sex with call boy the three call themselves, hatched the plan while drinking together last fall.

So far, the group says it has received many more emails of curiosity and has serviced five clients. Some women on campus were skeptical of the premise of Bib: Love, though, and said it seemed the men are just trying to find cxll with whom to have sex — not that there's necessarily anything wrong with sex with call boy. The service's first client said her experience was fun but that the service didn't seem particularly sex with call boy, and a student council member said she was skeptical of its claim papaikou Hawaii sex dating help women get better grades.

That hasn't stopped Oskar, Christopher and Julius from considering broadening the project to nearby towns. News4 Today The latest local news, weather and investigative stories impacting your community.

Privacy policy More Newsletters. Three German business students say their free one-night stand service, Bib: Love, can help its clients get better grades.

Seeing Jesus' Shadow. With Easter only a few days away, it seems fitting that Jesus is making an appearance for everyone to experience.

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The Chapel at the Usuline Academy in New Orleans, Louisiana has a welcomed visitor in the form of a shadow some say is an image of Jesus bearing a crown of thorns.

Weird Call Photos: Man Shoves Snake in Pants.

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